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    Project Details

    Client: Online course service

    Date: 2017

    Category: Translation

    Location: Germany

    Case Study: Multilingual translation and voice over project for dog training course

    Client profile: Our client, a renowned dog trainer with a growing international following, sought to expand their reach by offering their comprehensive online dog training course in multiple languages. The course, originally produced in German, included a series of instructional videos designed to teach dog owners effective training techniques.

    Project Scope: 

    1. Translation of the dog training course: Translating the complete course content, including video scripts, on-screen text, and supplementary materials, into Spanish, French, and English.
    2. Voice over recording: Recording professional voice-overs for the translated videos to ensure the training was accessible and engaging for non-German speaking audiences.


    1. Technical terminology: The course content included specific dog training terminology that required accurate and contextually appropriate translations.
    2. Consistency and tone: Maintaining the original tone and instructional clarity in the translations, while ensuring consistency across different languages.
    3. Voice over synchronisation: Ensuring that the recorded voice-overs matched the timing of the original videos, providing a seamless viewing experience for the audience.


    Step 1: Translation

    1. Initial consultation: We began with a detailed consultation with the client to understand the course content, key terminologies, and desired tone for the translations.
    2. Team selection: We assembled a team of experienced translators specializing in dog training and veterinary content, ensuring they had the requisite knowledge to handle the technical terminology.
    3. Translation process:
      Script Translation: Each video script was carefully translated into Spanish, French, and English.
      Review and Quality Assurance: The translations underwent rigorous review and quality assurance checks by native-speaking language experts to ensure accuracy and consistency.

    Step 2: Voice over recording

    1. Voice talent selection: We selected professional voice actors for each language, ensuring they could convey the instructional tone of the original trainer.
    2. Recording sessions:
      • Synchronisation: Voice actors were guided to match the timing and intonation of the original videos, ensuring the voice-overs synchronised perfectly with the visual content.
      • Quality control: Each recording session was closely monitored by our sound engineers to maintain high audio quality and consistency.
    3. Post-Production:
      • Editing: The recorded voice-overs were edited to fit seamlessly with the video timings.
      • Final review: The completed videos were reviewed to ensure the synchronisation, clarity, and overall quality met the client’s standards.

    Results: The multilingual translation and voice over project for the dog training course yielded exceptional results. The translated courses in Spanish, French, and English were well-received by the international audience, with a noticeable increase in course enrolments from these regions. The seamless integration of professional voice-overs ensured that the instructional clarity and engaging delivery of the original content were maintained, enhancing the overall learning experience for non-German speaking users.

    Client feedback: The client was highly satisfied with the project outcome, noting the precision of the translations and the natural, engaging quality of the voice-overs. This project not only expanded their market reach, but also significantly increased their course enrolments from non-German speaking countries.

    Conclusion: This case study demonstrates our capability to manage complex multilingual translation projects, including professional voice over integration, ensuring that high-quality content is accessible and engaging for a global audience. Partner with us to leverage our expertise in translating and localizing your multimedia content, enhancing your international reach and impact.

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