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Professional Translation Services

Technical Translations

  • Manuals and Technical Documentation
  • Patents
  • Specific Terminology Experts
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Health Care Translations

  • Clinical Studies
  • EMA Labelling - Reg. Affairs
  • Medical reports
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Business & Marketing Translations

  • Market localization
  • Branding, SEO & SEM
  • Content creation
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Legal Translation

  • Legal Document Services
  • Certified Legal Services
  • Agreements & Legal Submissions
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About mps

Experts in what we do

We are experts and we work with the best. Each area of work has a group of translators who are experts in the subject of the text, have many years of experience, and always translate into their mother tongue.

We are MPS Globalisation Services, a translation company committed to the highest standards.

We have developed our own processes over the last 15 years to optimise quality, time, and price.

Furthermore, we work with our customers to build profitable, long-term relationships that enable us to be their partner.

  • ISO 9001 and 17100 certified
  • Management all your translations in one place
  • Simple and transparent process
  • Regular audits and continuous improvement
  • Advanced translation tools and technologies
  • Confidentiality and data security
  • High quality and consistency
  • Multilingual expertise
  • EU regulations knowledge
  • Global market experience
  • Rapid turnaround times

repeat customers

Our mission lies in helping our clients
to achieve their goals.

Free Support

Our multilingual team is ready to attend any linguistic needs you may have.

100+ Languages

From the most common EU languages to Dari, Tigrinya, Farsi, Pashto or Uyghur. Our team of professional translators will exceed your expectations. 

The latest technology at your service

Even with scanned PDFs that are difficult to read, with the help of the most modern software, we are able to ensure quality, speed, and reproduce the original format.


Multi Language

Combine any language as you need. The limit is the sky!

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