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    Project Details

    Client: Law firm

    Date: 2023

    Category: DTP

    Location : Switzerland

    Results: Despite the complexity of the source documents, MPS Translations successfully delivered accurately translated materials in multiple languages while preserving the original formatting. The translated documents maintained visual consistency, readability, and functionality, meeting the client’s stringent requirements for quality and precision.

    Client Feedback: “Our experience working with MPSTranslations on this challenging project exceeded our expectations. They demonstrated exceptional expertise in handling complex formatting issues and delivering precise translations within tight deadlines. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to client satisfaction were truly commendable.”

    Conclusion: MPS Translations’ ability to overcome complex formatting challenges in translation projects underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. By leveraging advanced technology, specialized tools, and a collaborative approach, we ensure the accurate and seamless translation of even the most intricate documents, maintaining quality and consistency throughout the process.

    Case study: Overcoming complex formatting challenges in translation

    Client Profile: Our client, a leading multinational corporation in the technology sector, approached MPS Translations with a unique challenge. They required the translation of hundreds of scanned PDF pages containing technical documentation, product manuals, and user guides into multiple languages for global distribution.

    Challenge: The primary challenge of this project lay in the intricate formatting of the source documents. The scanned PDFs contained a variety of complex elements, including tables, diagrams, images, and text boxes, making traditional translation methods ineffective. Preserving the original formatting while ensuring accurate translation posed a significant obstacle.

    Solution: To address the formatting complexities and deliver high-quality translations, MPS Translations devised a comprehensive strategy:


    1. Advanced OCR Technology: Leveraging Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, we converted the scanned PDFs into editable text files, facilitating the translation process and preserving the integrity of the original layout.
    2. Specialized Translation Tools: Our team utilized advanced translation software equipped with features tailored for handling complex formatting, such as maintaining table structures, preserving image captions, and integrating translated text seamlessly into the layout.
    3.  Manual Review and Adjustment: Experienced linguists meticulously reviewed each translated document to ensure accuracy, consistency, and alignment with the original formatting. Any discrepancies or errors were promptly corrected to maintain the document’s integrity.
    4. Collaborative Approach: Close collaboration between translators, editors, and project managers ensured smooth coordination and effective resolution of any formatting challenges encountered during the translation process.

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