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Project Details Client: Pharmaceutical group Date: 2014 Category: Translation Location: Germany Case Study: Multilingual translation project for the European Medicines Agency Client profile: One of the biggest European pharma concerns sought our expertise at MPS Translations for translating essential documents crucial for evaluating and approving medicinal products by the EMA within the European Union. As an […]

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Voice-over project

Project Details Client: Online course service Date: 2017 Category: Translation Location: Germany Case Study: Multilingual translation and voice over project for dog training course Client profile: Our client, a renowned dog trainer with a growing international following, sought to expand their reach by offering their comprehensive online dog training course in multiple languages. The course, […]

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Complex formatting

Project Details Client: Law firm Date: 2023 Category: DTP Location : Switzerland Results: Despite the complexity of the source documents, MPS Translations successfully delivered accurately translated materials in multiple languages while preserving the original formatting. The translated documents maintained visual consistency, readability, and functionality, meeting the client’s stringent requirements for quality and precision. Client Feedback: […]

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Hellenic Supplies

Professional translation scaled by experts We works with expert translators from around the world to give you access to the knowledge and expertise for each translation project. Our innovative platform combines a convenient online ordering system and project management software so you can enjoy excellent quality, fast turnaround and great value on each order!Our team […]