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    Project Details

    Client: Pharmaceutical group

    Date: 2014

    Category: Translation

    Location: Germany

    Case Study: Multilingual translation project for the European Medicines Agency

    Client profile: One of the biggest European pharma concerns sought our expertise at MPS Translations for translating essential documents crucial for evaluating and approving medicinal products by the EMA within the European Union. As an agency serving diverse stakeholders across the EU, the EMA required translations in 24 languages to ensure regulatory compliance and effective communication.

    Challenge: Our task was to translate a range of documents vital for the EMA’s evaluation process into 24 languages while adhering to strict regulatory standards and maintaining linguistic accuracy and consistency across translations. Additionally, we needed to manage the project within tight deadlines and provide efficient communication channels with the client.

    Solution: To address these challenges, MPS Translations implemented a comprehensive approach:


    1. Expert team selection: We assembled a team of linguists specialized in medical and pharmaceutical translation, ensuring linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance in all translations.
    2. Advanced translation tools: Utilizing state-of-the-art translation management software and a previously created termbase based on approved terminology, we ensured consistency and efficiency across translations.
    3. Quality assurance: Rigorous quality checks were conducted at every stage of the translation process, guaranteeing accuracy, clarity, and compliance with regulatory standards.
    4. Effective communication: Transparent and proactive communication with the client was maintained throughout the project, facilitating collaboration and addressing any queries or concerns promptly.

    Results: Despite the complexity of the project, MPS Translations successfully delivered high-quality translations in all 24 languages within the specified timeframe. The translated documents met the EMA’s stringent standards, enabling the agency to fulfill its mandate effectively.

    Client feedback: “The team at MPS Translations demonstrated exceptional professionalism, expertise, and commitment throughout the translation project for the European Medicines Agency. Their attention to detail, proactive communication, and adherence to deadlines were commendable. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of their work.”

    Conclusion: MPS Translations’ ability to deliver superior linguistic solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients operating in highly regulated industries underscores our dedication to excellence. Our advanced technology, expertise, and previous experience in creating a termbases, style guides, guidelines etc. position us as a trusted partner for organizations seeking world-class translation services.

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