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Don’t kill your language!

Do you feel that your mother tongue is not as useful as English? Because it is not a language of science, research or because foreigners who come to study in your country do not need it at university or at work.

And have you ever thought how essential it is to master your own language in order to learn a new one? It is a prerequisite for creativity in a new language. Or how important it is to know how to communicate with other generations. Without a doubt, our mother tongue is the key to this.

They say that the only way to kill a people is to kill its language. In fact, every 14 days a language disappears. Such developed nations as the German or French write laws to protect their languages. They treat them as a treasure, they even invest huge amounts of money in their development and dissemination.

Our languages must be preserved because they represent specific stages of our lives. They are responsible for how we think, how we see others and how they see us. It is more than just a set of words.

If we kill our language we lose our identity. So, to avoid cultural amnesia, we must bet on keeping our intellectual baggage alive instead of letting it fall by the wayside.

Don’t kill your tongue! Rather, take care of it to share ideas and contribute to development. We will take care of translating them into the language of your choice.