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All our translations are performed according to the UNE EN 15038 standard and to the ISO 9001:2008 certification. As we are used to working with very sensitive data, we will offer you the ability of communicating with us via email, using different data encryption and decryption computer programs, such as PGP. We will also gladly adopt any other encryption program, if needed. We are specialists in translations of medical, pharmaceutical and scientific texts, such as clinical studies, instructions for users of medical devices, websites, package leaflets and summaries of product information (SPC/PILs), amongst many others.

We are in ongoing development and we also keep up-to-date with the latest requirements of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). We guarantee quick medicine registrations and with no complications. Our operation processes are the result of a mixture between constant years of learning and the required training in the sector. We exclusively work with experts in the translation field and always natives in the languages into which they translate. With using these processes, we have developed effective quality controls for every one of the texts we translate. In this way, we guarantee the expected quality.

Obtain the expected results with no surprises. Quality is our priority. Your satisfaction, our objective. Contact us in our offices in Germany and Spain.

Scientifics and Experts only

We count on a trusted large data base with experts in all heath care areas so the translator will always have the needed academic education to understand and localize the text to be translated both in an accurate and technical way.

Native Speakers only

Our experts are always native speakers on the target language.

Computer Assisted Tools

We work with several CAT Tools according to the client´s needs or requirements. This software ensure de quality measures saving time and money. Furthermore they allow us working with translation memories and term bases.


During the translation process we will offer you the creation of bilingual glossaries or term bases in order to fix the translation of words which can be translated on different ways, as well as including the corporate wording.

Desktop Publishing

Our experts on DTP will take care of keeping the correct layout, format, and graphics and so on according to the source document. Quite often the translated text has a different length than the source, which means that in case of graphics it must be set up correctly.